Attending meetings is part of many professionals’ lives, whether they like it or not. Not every professional relishes time spent in meetings, for one reason or another. However, mastering some essential business meeting etiquette tips can help make meetings less intimidating and far more comfortable.

These tips and rules of etiquette exist for a reason. They help meetings run smoothly and reduce the risk of any potential conflicts occurring. Continue reading to learn the most important pieces of etiquette for work meetings.

Arrive on Time

Have you ever attended a meeting where one individual was exceptionally late? The odds are good that you have. Arriving late not only risks holding up the entire meeting but is a sign of disrespect. It is considered rude to the meeting’s host and everyone else who was capable of arriving in a timely fashion.

Speak Clearly

When you speak during a meeting, make a point of speaking clearly and enunciating carefully. This will help give you a more professional appearance while ensuring that everyone can hear and understand you. If you have a habit of speaking too fast, concentrate on speaking at an average pace for the sake of everyone else.

Actively Listen

Try to make a point of actively listening during a meeting. That is to say, listening to everything and ensuring that you process the meaning of the information. Active listening will better prepare you for whatever assignment you’ve been handed. Nothing is worse than asking for clarification after a meeting has concluded.

Ask Questions

Since you’re trying to make a point of understanding the material before the meeting concludes, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is a time and a place for questions. Don’t interrupt a presentation to ask a question. Instead, wait until the speaker has opened up the floor for questions.

Don’t Get Distracted

Ideally, one will want to be paying full attention during a meeting. This can get challenging if the subject material is dry or should the session runs long. One way to help ensure you pay attention is by reducing distractions. Tuck away your phone and any other distracting electronics, as this will help reduce any temptation.